1. Malnutrition

It has long been known that high-calorie foods and foods with small amounts of vitamins, which contain a lot of preservatives and dyes, have a detrimental effect on health and can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

2. Cigarettes, alcohol and energy drinks

Smoking will inevitably degrade the overall condition of the body, causing disease of the lungs and heart. Alcoholic beverages, regardless of the concentration of alcohol, are addictive and kill the body slowly but surely. As for the energy drinks, the producer himself says that there is nothing good about them… In addition, they are addictive and the constant use of them can lead to irreversible effects on the body and the person eventually becomes sluggish and sick.


3. Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the strongest enemies of health. The body needs an average of 7 hours of healthy sleep to properly function. The constant lack of sleep can contribute to the development of diabetes or hypertension.

4. Any type of drugs

Maybe not all drugs are addictive, but all of them, including the “safe” ones, are harmful for health. Besides that, a person suffering from severe drug addiction often goes on the offense only to get another dose. Diseases of drug addicts are among the most dreaded and incurable, and often lead to death.

5. Depression

Prolonged depression strongly affects the psyche and overall health. A person loses all desire to eat, walk or talk to friends. All this leaves a deep impression on people’s health.

Young, woman, pain.

6. Hatred and anger

These are also the worst enemies of our health. They gradually destroy the psyche. Statistics show that those who spend most of their life in hatred, aggression and anger have a greater risk of suffering from mental disorders in the old age.

7. Laziness

Lazy people are not only those who lie on the couch and watch TV all day long, but also those who sit all day at the computer and surf the internet in search of something “interesting.” Laziness is not the engine of progress, but is the source of disease and “empty pockets”.

8. Lie

A deceitful person is constantly under stress. He needs to watch his words all the time so as not to say something ‘wrong’. He needs to constantly invent excuses, explanations, etc. All this has damaging effects both on mental and physical health.


9. TV

TV is not only the source of harmful radiation, but also harmful information. Most TV spots and programs are far from promoting healthy lifestyles, from the advertising of beer and cigarettes to the negative information from the evening news broadcast. All this not only takes the health away but also lowers self-confidence and instills fear from an early age. Have you ever noticed how little children just “stick” to the TV screen, especially when it shows commercials?


10. Physical inactivity

This is the strongest enemy of today’s youth. Not only cigarettes, alcohol and energy drinks are slowly destroying us, but a sedentary lifestyle multiplies all that by 2 or 3. Therefore, in order not to suffer from cardiovascular and other diseases after 30-40 years old age, you need to exercise regularly, or at least do the long walks in the fresh air on a daily basis.


Source: learning-mind.com