Breakfast on Protein day: The breakfast is identical each day excluding the water days. It must consist of one type of fruit OR neutral vegetable (without any spices or supplements). It is allowed to add a spoon of honey to your morning coffee or tea. If you are hungry you may have more than one breakfast a day, but you must allow at least two hours between the meals. It is not recommended to mix different types of fruits or veggies at breakfast, i.e. one type of fruit or vegetable counts as one meal, including the fruit or vegetable juice consumption. Do not limit your food choice: it is good to have a variety of foods every day.

Some fruits, apples for instance, irritate the stomach especially when eaten as a first meal for the day. We advise you to try different fruit or vegetable, if you experience such symptoms.

Lunch on Protein day: Consume protein-rich foods, such as meat, fish, seafood, tofu, soy meat, eggs or dairy products. Different protein sources should not be combined: meat, fish, seafood, eggs or dairy products should be consumed separately. You could additionally have a slice of bread (preferably whole grain bread) as well as a large salad with fresh herbs and some olive oil (without any other dressing). The salad should contain neutral vegetables only. Drink 300 ml of broth without any spices after the meal. The broth should be prepared using the type of products included in the lunch. Stock cubes are not suitable for they contain too much fat, salt and spices. Try to consume a variety of food by eating different type of proteins on each protein day. The calcium intake is pretty low during the diet period, because you have to choose among meat, dairy products, eggs and fish on protein days, so you have to compensate by choosing other calcium-reach food (almonds, apricots, broccoli etc.).

Dinner on Protein day: Consume less amount of the same protein type and skip the bread and broth from your meal, i.e. if you had meat for lunch, have meat for dinner. If your lunch was based on dairy products, your supper should be also based on dairy products. This is not absolutely necessary, but it is recommended for better results.

Allow at least 4 hours between the lunch and the dinner.

90-Day Diet Meal Plan

1st day: Protein day
2nd day: Starch day
3rd day: Carbs day
4th day: Vitamin day
29th day: Water day