What is Dry Brushing?

You may have seen the words frequent in various day spa menus. Or perhaps you think we are referring to something you brush your hair with? If that’s the case then let us introduce you to the huge game changer, “Dry Brushing.” If you’re like most of us, and your beauty regime is on the minimalistic side, but you still like your inner goddess to shine, you will love this little gem.

If we were to tell you by simply brushing your body with a bristle brush for 5 minutes per day, it would hugely benefit your body, you would think we were lying – right? Guess what?! We’re serious and don’t be fooled, the brushing benefits go far beyond making your skin feel baby soft.

Dry brushing is actually a traditional natural health practice, which has been used for years as a means to remove dry skin from the body. One of the most common feelings associated to brushing is being ‘energised.,’ This is due to the brushes ability to stimulate our circulatory system. It also stimulates our lymphatic system, which helps dispose toxic waste from our body. Here are some of the key benefits of dry brushing:

Lymphatic Drainage:

The Lymphatic systems role is to transport lymph (moving fluid) throughout the body. In other words,  it removes metabolic waste out of the body and since a large number of ‘lymph vessels’ are located just under the skin, it’s believed regular body brushing will stimulate these lymph’s and allow the body to naturally detoxify itself.


While there is no scientific evidence, it is however believed in many cases cellulite is formed by having vein and lymph congestion. Thus by dry brushing it will increase the body’s metabolic rate, this in turn aids in breaking down fat deposits/toxins into the blood stream. By removing these ‘stagnant toxins’ it allows the break down of connective tissues to occur and alleviate cellulite.


Out of the brushes many benefits, this is the one you will notice almost instantaneously. By having a naturally bristled brush run over the surface of your skin, it will both loosen and remove dead skin- making it a natural way to exfoliate. It will also improve the skins pores by helping assists with increased skin tone.

How to use the brush:

The best time to dry brush is before you’re about to shower. Before you begin brushing, ensure you’re skin and the brushes brittles are both dry. The direction you brush is also crucial for properly removing the bodys toxins. It’s also important you start at your feet and then with gentle long circular movements (brushing towards you heart) move up the body counterclockwise and finish at your neck. Once you’re finished your skin should have a soft glow and should not feel irritated. The time you spend brushing can be anywhere from 3 minutes – 30 minutes. Each time you brush, be sure to follow with a shower to rid dead skin and any toxins which have been released.

Via: rachelstourofbeauty.com