Sin City is known for providing anything your filthy heart desires. If your vice of choice isn’t sex, drugs, or rock ‘n’ roll slot machines, there is still something for you. One of the greatest excesses that Las Vegas has to offer is buffets. Just as New York perfected punk rock and Austin had a glut of ’90s indie filmmakers, Las Vegas’ greatest minds came together to perfect the massive layout of mouthwatering food. It’s not exactly healthy eating, but it will hit the spot.

Wicked Spoon (The Cosmopolitan)


In recent years, the Cosmopolitan has burst on the scene as the Las Vegas destination for hip millennials. While casinos like Caesars and the Bellagio are starting to show their age, the Cosmo, with its restaurant imports from Brooklyn and DTLA and mixologist-friendly cocktail bars, is the new Vegas hotspot. Similarly, the Wicked Spoon has quickly risen to rival Vegas’ greatest buffets. With an all-you-can-drink option that includes PBR and desserts that rival a gourmet bakery, Wicked Spoon is Vegas decadence meets Williamsburg cool.

Bacchanal (Caesar’s Palace)


Perennially ranked as one of the best Vegas has to offer, when you think of Strip buffets, you think of Bacchanal. If one end of the spectrum is Golden Corral, Bacchanal is the polar opposite. Dominated by individually plated items and chef specials that change daily, the Bacchanal offers anything your heart desires. From dim sum to crab legs, charcuterie to creme brulee, Bacchanal has it all.


The Buffet (The Bellagio)


The elegant decadence that put the Bellagio on the map is on full display at its buffet. Ahi tuna, prime rib, and mussels are on the menu. On Friday and Saturday night, add caviar and gourmet sushi to the equation and you’re eating like Gordon Gecko reborn. The Bellagio takes few risks compared to Wicked Spoon and Bacchanal, but if you just want to load up on those foods we associate with high-class gluttony, then the Bellagio is the destination for you.


Buffet Las Vegas (The Aria)

Aria clambake

If the Cosmopolitan is the destination for hipster millenials, the Aria feels built for their friends who chose business school over art school. The slick, bohemian, modern feel of the casino shows in the buffet as well. The menu features buffet mainstays like crab legs, but adds twists like Mediterranean influenced kabobs, a spinning gelato stand, and curries.


The Buffet at Wynn (The Wynn)


With its Victorian influenced, whimsical decor, the Wynn is an underrated gem on the Strip. Instead of gold-plated everything, you get topiaries and interior design influenced more by Alice in Wonderland than Swingers. The restaurants in the Wynn are known for their ambience, and the buffet is no exception. The buffet extends that touch of whimsy to its offerings, which include a chocolate fountain, street taos prepared on a rotating griddle, and duck leg cassoulet.


Buffet (Golden Nugget)


If you’re a bargain hunter, you may not love the hefty price tag of the buffets on the Strip. If you’re just trying to ride out your hangover or ease your way through the munchies, the Nugget is the spot. Downtown Las Vegas is known for its value, from quarter slots at the D to low-budget fried food stations in the back of the lower-end casinos. The Nugget is no exception: You can hit this buffet for as low as $13.99.


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