The one thing that people can never stop, no matter how hard they try is time. Time always kicks in the process of aging and it’s the natural body response that gets us – the most harsh of them all is the cellulite. Men don’t see cellulite as women do.

When cellulite starts showing on the thighs and hips, women immediately start feeling like they are fifty years old (even though they hardly reached thirty). Cellulites are not toxin accumulations in the body or poor blood circulation for that matter; they are fats which are pressed against the vertical connective tissues in the thighs and hips, so the cells bulge out and cause the skin to dimple.

There are four reasons why this happens – Diet, lifestyle, hormonal changes and genetics. They don’t have a certain age starter, which means they can appear before reaching 30 years of age as easy as it can reach teenagers before graduating from high school.

In order to prevent cellulite from appearing or eliminating it once it has appear, here is a recipe for a drink that can make that happen.


– 1 large grapefruit
– 2 oranges
– ¼ of a lemon
– ½ inch piece of ginger

The preparation is very simple:
Just make the juice with all these ingredients and enjoy.
This remedy will improve the circulation of the blood, it will break down the sugar, it will burn all the excess fats in the body, it will reduce water retention and it will produce collagen that can firm up the skin.