She was a democratic candidate for the presidential run of 2016 and she has a history of pneumonia. Hilary Clinton’s healthy diet is made carefully. This is why she prefers Greek salad, salmon, noodle soup and chicken sandwiches.

It’s because of the fact she needed to stay healthy and energized during the campaigns but also to recover from pneumonia. Her disease made headlines back when she collapsed and had to cancel numerous events in order to stay in bed and recover.

Latest hacks have revealed the secrets of her dieting. It’s no surprise when her weight and health are subjects of chatter on the campaign trials.

Hilary has all the help she can get in order to choose healthy and wholesome foods. She also worries about her health and looks and tries to keep herself fit by jogging and doing yoga.

One thing you can for sure learn from Hilary Clinton’s healthy diet is the power of hot peppers in losing weight. A source says that she couldn’t even feel their heat and ate them like potato chips.

Clinton has also pronounced that when on campaign trials she loves eating chicken noodle soup. You may be amazed but Hilary’s food tastes are surprisingly normal.

In the past, she also liked eating Mexican food and fried chicken. But since the start of the campaigns, she is on a strict healthy diet, eating salads and forgetting about cake. She may be one of the few candidates on the run that didn’t gain weight at all.

As the matter of fact, her appearance has been a topic of conversation for decades, and almost everyone wants to know Hilary Clinton’s healthy diet.

She even herself said that it’s a daily challenge to look good everyday on camera. And she admits that there are some days better than the other.

In addition, her husband is vegetarian and her daughter is gluten free. But Hilary is none of these things. She doesn’t even follow a specific diet plan. Actually, Hilary Clinton’s healthy diet is the general rule of not eating something that looks bad for you, because it is probably bad for you.

Hilary was for sure honest with the public about her struggles with eating and how she met with a numerous nutrition guru.

What is known is that her favorite foods are food and vegetables, hummus and has a weakness for mocha cake and ice cream.

Another interesting thing about her is that in 2012 she was criticized for putting some extra pounds. She is just another human being like the rest of us. She did quit counting calories and put some weight more, and she didn’t regret it.

Now, when the campaign is over she is back on track, lost weight and followed her dieting.
Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you can learn from Hilary Clinton’s healthy diet. And not just dieting, you can learn that it is ok for you to lose track at some point, but then get back on the right one. Your overall health and healthy lifestyle on the long run is what really matters.