Carry Best Recipes with You
Carry Best Recipes with You

No matter where you are and at whatever time you need a recipe, if you have an iPhone you can cook a sumptuous meal anytime and anywhere. IPhone has some of the most amazing apps, that any other app store cannot even dream of, and the awesome recipe apps that are available in iPhone will help you sharpen your culinary skills. Here, we will discuss some of the most simple and handy recipes that iPhone can offer you.

My favorite iPhone recipe apps

Although there are over 2, 20,000 apps in the Apple app store, but some of the iPhone apps for recipes are as discussed below:

  • BigOven: This recipe app has over 1, 70,000 recipes to choose from. This app is so simple that you can search for recipes directly or by the name of the ingredient. This app also provides a food dictionary, containing important tips and information about any ingredient or food. You can also upload your favorite recipe in this app too.
  • Middle Eastern recipes: The food from Middle East is quite popular nowadays, like the kebabs, tandoor items, biryani, etc. If you and your guests have a fetish for Middle Eastern food, then this app is just the right one for you. This app features over 130 recipes, and there are useful tips given, which will simplify your cooking. This app comes at a small price of $0.99.
  • Easy chef recipes: This app has over 15,000 recipes on offer. The recipes in this app are very specific, which makes it easy to be accessed and used. You can search for any specific recipe or just simply browse through the random recipes that this app generates.
  • The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook:  This has over 4000 recipes of the famous Betty Crocker. This app is quite user friendly as you can search for a recipe by just typing the name of the ingredient or by simply typing the ingredients that are available with you and a perfect recipe will be generated for you.
  • Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List: This is a free app developed by Conde Nast and contains some of the best recipes from the magazines like Self and Bon Appetit. The recipes can be searched by their names or by the ingredients. The best thing about this app is that it also prepares a shopping list for you, with respect to the recipe you are planning to prepare.
  • Gluten-Free Recipes: The price of this app is $1.99 and is a good app for those who look for gluten – free recipes. This app has a limited number of dishes, but they are very tasty, thus negating the belief that gluten- free food cannot be tasty to eat.
  • Veggie Lovers Recipes: This is a very good recipe app for all the vegetarian food lovers. The number of recipes in this app is around 15, but all the dishes are unique and tasty. This app comes at a price of $0.99.

So your favorite iPhone can also turn into a cook book with these amazing recipe apps, whenever you want.

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Carry Best Recipes with You Wherever You Go with IPhone