The Right Drinks for Workout
The Right Drinks for Workout

Exercise and indeed any physical activity is a high-energy expenditure condition. This means that the body must be provided with enough calories from diet in order to drive the body processes that enable muscle contraction and weight bearing. While the body can use energy sources from its reservoirs, these can be depleted first and limit the ability to tolerate workouts.

It has been estimated that a physiological man (that is 70 kg male with a height of 1.8 meters) who involves in workout regularly need energy in excess of 3,500 to 4000 per day. This means that during your workout, you must provide your body with the energy necessary it needs to drive the processes that make workout possible. Such energy is derived from caloric intake.

Not all foods and drinks eaten by you can provide this much-needed energy and so proper choice of high calorie foods is vital. In all, recipes with fresh food should form the benchmark for your choice. The kind of food or drink you choose for your workout also depends on the type and the intensity of workout in which you are involved. The question then is; what is the right food and drink for your workout?

Right Food for Workout

By far the best food sources of energy are carbohydrates and proteins. However, not all foods with these nutrients are healthy during workout. Recipes with fresh food are the best choices for those working out. Food processing may limit the energy content of these foods or may have some additives with adverse effects.

For carbohydrates, the best choice is those with low glycaemic-index (GI) as these have high calories but releases them slowly as needed. Examples include porridge oats, brown rice, whole grain pasta or bread, pulses and beans. Your dietician or nutritionist can give you advice on which foods are low carbs.

Proteins are also very important if you are involved in workouts. These nutrients help in muscle repair and recovery after exercise. Proteins can be obtained from vegetables and even fruits. The good thing is that these types of food also contain vitamins and minerals that are important in exercise. The right proteins are those from white meat and vegetables.

The Right Drinks for Workout

Your body loses a lot of fluid during workout. This must be replaced to avoid dehydration. While water is the best fluid of all times, when you are working out you need drinks that not only rehydrate but also provide the much-needed energy.

You must replace what you lose and add more to keep you going. For workout, the best drinks are isotonic ones because they provide carbs for energy and electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat. While there are commercial energy drinks, you can make your very own at home using salt, sugar and water.

Choosing the Right Food and Drink for your workout