Before the expected and exciting day of the arrival of a brand new baby, there are a lot of mothers and fathers that make the important decision to have some of their infant’s cord blood saved. This has become common practice among the men and women that would like to remain as prepared as possible at all times. The process that is involved in extracting a small amount of blood cells is quite simple, and a huge advantage is that the actual process can be performed immediately following the birth of the baby.After the procedure is complete, it will remain safe in cord blood storage until it is needed.

In the event that some type of tragedy strikes at some point in the future of the baby’s life, this life saving liquid can be used in a wide variety of different medical procedures that can help a great deal in actually saving their life.

There are two different places that cord blood is routinely drawn from due to each of the areas being such a great source of stem cells. These areas include the umbilical cord and the placenta, which has already done its part in sustaining the life of the baby before it was born, and it is more commonly referred to as the afterbirth.

There are quite a few different advantages to having these specific stem cells to use over the embryonic stem cells that have been collected from a fertilized egg, or stem cells that are collected from a child or adult. It is because while the others do not, these particular stem cells have the ability to develop into blood and cells of the immune system. They also have the ability to grow into other types of cells as well.


There is a Variety of Reasons to Consider Cord Blood Storage

There have been great strides that have been made over the past several years in the research of stem cells. Because of the many benefits that have been discovered, every person should at least become familiar with the variety of reasons of why this process should at least be considered. To name a few of the most common would include the following:

  • If a serious disease like cancer occurs, stem cells are often used for their ability to regenerate cells that are healthy.
  • If a serious medical condition causes the immune system to suffer, a healthier immune system may be created with the help of stem cells.
  • Due to the difficulty a lot of people have had in locating stems cells that are compatible with a person that is of mixed ethnicity.
  • When people choose to adopt a baby that has not been born yet, and the medical history of the natural parents is not known
  • To donate for the use of medical and scientific research. This allows further studies on such things as clinical trials for new therapies, cord blood transplants, and a variety of other medical testing.

Cord blood storage has been very helpful in the treatment of more than 80 different medical diseases and disorders.

Is Cord Blood Storage the Right Choice for You?