Acne and blemishes don’t discriminate based on skin color. Whether you are red or yellow, black or white, as the song goes, you might at some point have to contend with the problem of skin blemishes. It can be really frustrating to be looking for solutions for your skin problems and to find that all the tutorials out there are for people with completely different skin tones. The fact is, if you are black or have a dark complexion, you will need to do completely different things to cover up your blemishes than if you have pale, white skin. Here at Stylish Eve, we think that every girl deserves to look and feel gorgeous, and that’s why we brought you these two tutorials on how to cover up blemishes for different skin tones.

In the first video, Melanie Murphy shows how to cover up acne blemishes on fair skin. She runs the Real Skin Revolution group on Facebook and has amazing tips on getting a flawless look without looking like you’ve caked on a lot of makeup. She starts out with dark red spots on her fair, almost pasty, face, and it looks like covering up those spots is going to be pretty much impossible. By the end, she has the perfect porcelain doll look and you can’t even tell that she has acne scars!

The second video, by Missy Lynn, tells how to do the same thing on darker skin, with a focus on highlighting and contouring. She shows you how to get eyes that pop like crazy, too, and by the time she’s done you can’t even tell that her model ever had blemishes on her face. Our skin is the first thing people notice about us, so step out with confidence!