This is a detox diet aimed at cleansing your liver of toxicity, which contributes to weight gain and other conditions, including cellulitis, high blood pressure, and mood swings.

How it Claims to Work

Claiming to melt fat from the hips, waist, and thighs in just two weeks, this diet’s underlying theory is that ”hidden weight gain” is caused by five factors:

  • Liver toxicity
  • Waterlogged tissues
  • Fear of eating fat
  • Excess insulin
  • Stress fat

The author claims that liver toxicity (caused by sugar, alcohol, caffeine, trans fatty acids, medications, certain herbs, and lack of dietary fibre) is responsible for weight gain, cellulitis, bloating, elevated blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, mood swings, and skin rashes.

The fear of eating fat results from consuming the wrong types of fat (saturated), while excess insulin results from excessive intake of refined carbohydrates.

Some medical researches have suggested high levels of cortisol (a hormone that is produced in stressful situations) in the blood is linked to abdominal obesity, which they refer to as stress fat.

The Regimen

The plan recommends special fat-flush supplements and a drink claimed to cleanse the system, enable natural weight loss, and help melt away accumulated fat. The drink is made from unsweetened cranberry juice with purified water and psyllium or ground linseeds, hot water, and lemon juice. You have to drink when you rise, mid-afternoon, and 20 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Other foods are included for claimed detox properties, such as red meat for l-carnitine; eggs foe taurine, cysteine, and methionine; and cruciferous vegetables, garlic, onions, and some specific herbs (dandelion root, milk thistle, turmeric, and Oregon grape root).

Flour, sugar, margarine, shortening (and all products containing these), artificial sweeteners, and caffeinated drinks are not allowed.

The diet is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – during which the liver detoxification is primary and about 1200 calories a day are consumed – is the weight-loss phase.
  • Phase 2 – during which 1200-1500 calories are allowed – is a transition to a more long-term diet.
  • Phase 3 – when 1500 calories are allowed – is a long-term lifestyle diet.

Is it Healthy

If you decide to go on the Fat-Flush Plan because you are looking to ”flush” or ”melt” fat from your body, you are likely to be disappointed. Aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling, swimming, and aerobic dancing, is the only proven way to burn body fat.

Fat-Flush Plan


  • Organic scrambled eggs with spinach, green peppers, spring onions, and parsley


  • Grilled salmon with lemon juice and steamed asparagus
  • Salad of mixed green leaves, broccoli florets, and sliced or diced cucumber dressed with linseed oil




  • Grilled beef steak seasoned with a pinch of mustard powder, with steamed kale
  • Baked pattypan squash dressed with linseed oil



  • 1/2 large grapefruit
  • Apple

The concept of liver toxicity is often used by alternative practitioners to explain a variety of common problems, but there is little evidence to support the idea that the liver is responsible for ”hidden weight gain”. The regimen proposed to improve liver toxicity is an extreme diet and may be beneficial to only a very small number of people, although the drink may provide some vitamins and minerals.

Eliminating dairy, wheat, sugar, and yeast-containing foods may be helpful for people who are affected by food sensitivities or food allergies, but how this relates to weight loss is questionable. It is difficult to eliminate these foods entirely from your diet, so if this is necessary because of allergies you may lose weight simply because you have cut your calorie intake.

The most beneficial advice that this diet offers is to increase water and add linseed oil because of its high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

Source: NutritionForLife