Motivation for Losing Weight
Motivation for Losing Weight

One study has shown that 68% of women are unhappy about their bodies – quite a disconcerting find. If you are one of them and want to lose some weight or just tone your body, but just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it, why not read on and maybe we could help you get started on your way.

Why Do You Want This?

The most important question you must ask yourself is WHY? Why do I want to do this? Think about it – do you want lose weight so that you could look good, or do you have health reasons for wanting to do it? Is anybody pressuring you to lose the weight? Really think about it and only consider doing it if it is for the right reasons. If a partner or friend is pressuring you into losing weight, you should stand up to them and tell them it’s none of their business, but if you want to do it for yourself, no matter the reason, then go ahead and do it.

How to Get Motivated?

This is closely related to the WHY. The reason the makes you want to lose weight should also be the reason that motivates you. Let’s say your doctor told you to lose 20 pounds to avoid developing diabetes. Let’s say you get blood work done via health testing centers and discover excessively high cholesterol levels. That should be enough motivation right there! Think about how hard it will be for you to live with diabetes. You will be sick for the rest of your life and while diabetes is manageable, you will be its slave. In six months of eating right and exercising regularly you can lose those 20 pounds and avoid a lifetime of sickness. It’s simple math: six months of work versus a lifetime of work.

If you’re losing the weight to look good and feel good, then the motivation can be harder to obtain. Don’t use pictures of celebrities to motivate you, that will only make you feel bad about yourself and nobody should make you feel like that. Instead of that, project an image of yourself in the future, having lost all the weight and know that you will look much better than you image, that is a fact!

Finding Motivation for Losing Weight