When you’ve got a bunch of little ones running round and pulling down the drapes, it can be a considerable challenge to get them to eat their food, let alone find the time to sit down and enjoy a hearty meal yourself.


Eating breakfast is so important for boosting your metabolism first thing in the morning. You may think you haven’t got time for a spot of brekkie, or just can’t stomach breakfast at all…covert yourself!

Sit down to something half an hour after you get up. A healthy option is a bowl of oats, topped with fruit and nuts. Avoid pre-packaged breakfast cereals as these are full of nasty preservatives. Find something that you enjoy and become a breakfasting creature of habit.


Soup, glorious, soup. The great thing about soup is that it is so healthy and versatile, plus it’s cheap. We know how far the wallet is stretched when you’ve got little tykes to pay for, so cooking soup in bulk and freezing what you won’t eat is a fantastic way of curbing food shopping costs and filling your tummy.

For extra protein power, add in pulses like lentils. Soup is especially lovely in winter when all you want to do is eat stews, casseroles, and other warming dishes.


Since the kids are back at home by now, meals need to be child-friendly. For evening meals, cook with lean meats and pack with vegetables. Find out more about family meals with Sainsbury’s weekly meal planner, all ingredients coming to a mere total of $20!

Stave off take-away night. It can be easy to reach for your closest Pizza Hut Delivery service when time is tight, but if you keep your meals quick, healthy and simple, you should be able to squeeze in home-cooked meals. Allocate your most hectic day to eating out or fast food, so you have a night off from the daily grind of housewifery.


Everyone gets hungry during the day, so carry around yoghurts, nuts, fruit, raw veg, crackers, and air-popped popcorn to stop the cravings. Eating little throughout the day will stop you piling on the pounds when it comes to your big meals, as your body won’t be desperate for energy. Stay away from bad foods like muffins, chips, and cake, or you’ll never defeat your arch-nemesis: the baby bump.

Always carry water with you and stay hydrated. This keeps you fuller for longer.

When eating out, order a child’s portion or starter and try to consume healthy protein. To make sure you’re covering all your bases, take a multivitamin, so you can keep up with the kids.

Eating like this will bring fantastic results. Although you are giving up on your favourite treats, or heavy meals, you’ll body will show its gratitude with shiny hair, clear skin, and happier digestion – so no more bloated “fat” days. Healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless, unexciting dishes.

Post by Tony, a UK based blogger on behalf of Nuffield Health Careers, where you can find jobs for registered nurses.

Healthy Eating Tips For Busy Mums