During the summer many people want to take urgent measures to put their weight within reasonable limits. Recently they have criticized the pineapple diet which enjoyed a great popularity.

Now the new favorite of nutritionists is the lemon diet.

The most famous nutritionists recognize lemons as the best cleansing agent. Included in the diet, yellow citrus helps to remove slag from body and to lose weight. The secret of sour fruit is that it has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

Numerous studies show that eating lemons and drinking lemon juice is good not only for skin but it also stimulates the normalization of the absorption of nutrients.


In combination with exercises and healthy eating, the lemon will help you lose weight. Moreover, vitamin C, which is its main ingredient, enhances immunity in the winter, speeds up the healing process for allergies, tuberculosis, rheumatism and fractures, burns and wounds.

Lemons contain citric acid 7-8% which cannot be said for any other fruit. It interacts with other enzymes and acids, stimulates digestion and gastric juices, and releases the toxins from the body. Due to high acidity, even a small slice of lemon can positively influence the process of digestion and reduce the risks of high blood sugar.

Usually, all problems related to obesity are result of disruption of the digestive system, which does not allow the body to receive all the nutrients required for its degradation and disposal of fat.

According to the most modern nutritionists, traditional diets based on starvation only cause more problems. Losing weight with starvation would only spoil your stomach and deprive your body of the needed energy. It would also raise a feeling of lethargy, depression, and as a result – slow metabolism. As a result, you get the opposite effect – overweight.

The new lemon diet, developed by experts, does not include severe limitations in food.

Fresh Lemon Tea with Mint Leaves in Transparent Cups

The so called “Lemon Diet” advise us to stick to a normal diet, i.e. not to eat too much but not being hungry either. The healing properties of lemon and its consumption with food are known to people since ancient times. In the Middle Ages doctors have treated many diseases with lemons. They have mixed lemon juice or its peel with other herbs and vegetables. In dietology and medicine the combination of various kinds of herbal extracts and lemon peel was widely popular.

The main product in the diet is the lemon – its juice, flash and peel. It has been proved that citrus fruit normalizes the absorption of nutrients and metabolism. It is believed that the use of lime reduces the risk of diabetes.

Every morning drink lemon juice mixed with hot water. If you do not have a juicer, squeeze by hand a few slices in a glass of hot water.

Eat fruits and vegetables 4-5 times a day. Add to soups and salads finely shredded lemon peel. While cooking meat and fish splash with lemon juice. Try to use less sugar. Remember that it is contained in many products that have a sweet taste: white rice, potatoes, white bread, and corn. Do not exclude fats from your diet. Increase the use of fish that contain Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Do not hurry and chew food thoroughly.

Lemon Diet Protects Against Diseases