Is it possible to change bad habits, even addictions? How do bad habits develop in the first place? It all happens in the brain. And what amazing discoveries are emerging about the most amazing organ of the human body – The Brain.

Human knowledge in the area of scientific discovery has advanced with great strides over the past 100 to 150 years. The decade of the 1990s witnessed a quantum leap forward toward understanding what has been called the final frontier…the brain. Amazing things have been revealed about the brain and its functioning at all levels, including molecular biology, especially pertaining to genetics and cell chemistry. This decade of the brain has caused to make a paradigm shift toward accepting the fact that the brain is plastic; that is, the brain is highly flexible and can change and adapt to its environment well into old age.

Increased knowledge has affected every aspect of civilization, especially the numerous ways we can now communicate – also called information system. Information technology has revolutionized our social environment, and it is no coincidence that the explosion of knowledge about computers has paralleled the quest to understand the greatest computer – the brain. It is the biological information system which, of all organs, is the paramount instrument of human existence. Other tissues may be transplanted or exchanged, but it is the nervous system that forms the basis of our thinking. It determines who and what the person is. Without it, there is no personality and no perception.


The brain is the only structure in the body that produces an abstract product with no physical dimensions – The Mind.

The Brain is physical but the mind is not. The mind can not be measured by height, weight, or texture and has never been seen. It exist in the spiritual realm, in a limited sense, like the God who made it – intangible but nonetheless very real.

The mind is unique in that it is a product of brain function and so it is subject to the laws of cause and effect. A well-functioning brain results in a well-functioning mind. In addition, directed and willed mental activity results in changes that are embossed on our material-selves – in the brain.

Physically speaking, the brain is an amazing structure weighing about 3 pounds. Although it occupies less then 2 percent of the body weight of  a 150-pond person, it receives about 15 percent of the heart’s output of blood to the body; a disproportionate share relative to its weight in order to supply its ”needy” sophisticated electrical generators and neurotransmitter systems.

The brain’s influence is all-pervasive from within the skull, which houses it, to the tips of the toes, receiving and sending messages throughout of nerve pathways. In this manner its communication network is in contact with the entire body and commanding the body in achieving its ultimate quest – to enjoy vibrant health and freedom.

Unfortunately, disease, poor choices, and trauma can undermine this biological computer just as a computer virus can disrupt a man-made computer. An impaired brain often results in an impaired mind. What can be more important to a person than the proper functioning of the mind and the brain that produces it? There is a mutual relationship between the body, mind and brain that forms the foundation of total health.

The physical, mental, and spiritual environment a person creates has a profound shaping affect on the brain.  

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Physical and mental health imply a balance of forces in the body so that distress, disease, and premature death are minimized and delayed as much as our individual genes will allow. Destructive habits undermine physical, mental, and spiritual health. We will show you how to develop good habits and overcome bad ones, explaining the rationale for good habits and, hence, laying out for you the road to personal success and freedom.

Inspired by: Living Free