Lose Weight & Stay Healthy
Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

Now that you have achieved your desired body weight and look, the question is, how do you plan to keep it? You know how hard it was when you started the diet, and experts say that once you abruptly stop any diet, there’s a bigger chance of gaining back those few pounds. Worse, you may even gain more because when your body has adapted to the weight loss and has no more calories to burn, your metabolism then slows down. When you stop your diet and start eating again, your body will not be able to burn those calories as quickly as before.

Remember how bad it felt when you couldn’t fit into that sexy dress, or the time at the beach when you were the only one who wasn’t wearing a bikini? You have to keep yourself motivated and committed to your goal. These simple tips will help you keep going even after you’ve reached your aim of shedding those pounds.

Choose a long-term diet plan. Crash diets are a no-no. If you want to maintain your trim now and healthy body, choose something that requires long-term commitment.

Keep an alarm clock.When you are following a diet and leading a busy life, you may want to keep track of the time when you have to take a pill, or a certain meal, or an exercise. It also helps when you keep forgetting about your Thursday yoga, or your early morning run. Whatever it is, setting your alarm clock will help keep your mind off that diet for a while so you can do your job well.

Cook for yourself. If you don’t know how to cook, it’s not too late to learn. Cooking is exciting once you get the hang of it. When you cook your own food, you know which food or ingredients you’re not supposed to have. Some cookbooks provide nutrition facts which are quite useful in preparing your own meals.

Keep your fridge healthy, too.Your fridge is where you keep your food. Naturally, everything in it is consumed by your family and, yes, you. Check the food that you stock in your fridge. Keep them fresh, healthy meat, fruits and vegetables in, and chocolates, cakes and ice cream out.


Take a danceaerobics class with friends.Actually, you can take any class or sports activity with friends. You can enjoy each other’s company while keeping your body healthy. You won’t feel left out whenever you have to go to your dance class (or swimming class, whichever you prefer) and they have to go somewhere else. Bond and have fun with your friends and soon you will be looking forward to your weekly dance classes (or sports, for that matter).

Drink water before meals. This may be the simplest and easiest way to lose your appetite. Drinking water right before a meal makes you feel fuller, thus, lessening the craving to eat more. When going out, bring a bottle of drinking water so you won’t be tempted to buy sodas or NOT drink water when you have to eat your meal.

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Lose Weight & Stay Healthy: 6 Best Tips To Keep Your Weight Off