American doctor Carolyn Anderson found a very simple recipe with which we can prevent cancer. It is a mixture of three highly available ingredients. These findings by Dr. Anderson are based on 2,000 years old, Eastern Indian tradition. Carolyn Anderson claims that if these three ingredients are used on a daily base, the chances of getting a cancer are minimal.


Mix 1/4 teaspoon turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon olive oil and add freshly ground pepper. All three ingredients must be mixed nicely. This mixture can be consumed individually or as a supplement in a variety of dishes and salads.

 How to consume?

If you consume the mixture alone you can mix it with water. But if you use the mixture in cooked meals, make sure to put the mixture at the end of cooking.

This natural mixture has no side effects, claims Dr. Anderson.

The latest researches shows that turmeric can prevent many kinds of cancer. Theturmeric has only one flaw, the difficulty to decompose in the organism. Therefore, an ideal combination for the treatment and prevention of cancer is to consume the turmeric with pepper or ginger. According to researches, pepper increases the efficiency of turmeric for even 200%.