We present an effective prescription medication for a heart that is 1000 years old. Its creator is Saint Hildegard von Bingen, who was born in the year of 1098 and died at 81 years of age.

Later, her recipe against heart diseases took over and known doctors as Maria Treben and many more proclaimed it in their writings.

Saint Hildegard advise that every household should have this awesome recipe that has proved successful in many heart failure and heart disease. It is used when you feel like stabbing heart problems, tremors, jumping, and showed how good remedy for angina pectoris.


Ingredients For Natural Medicine For Heart :

  •      10 Fresh bunch Parsley (no root)
  •      1 Liter of domestic Black or White Wine
  •      2 tablespoons Wine Vinegar
  •      300 gr. Natural Honey

Preparation Natural Medicine For Heart :

10 fresh bunch parsley leaves together must be put in 1 liter pure natural wine and then you must add 1-2 tablespoons pure wine vinegar.

Boil it for 10 minutes on low heat. Then add 300 grams of natural honey and leave it to boil quietly for another 4 minutes. Pour the beverage in a bottle previously cleaned well with strong alcohol. Close it well! There are no side effects from the potion and you are free to drink.

How To Use The Natural Medicine For Heart :

The drink is consumed daily, one tablespoon until symptoms cease. For severe disease need to consume for extended period of time.