How do productivity helps our daily life? Well, to succeed in life and to realize our goals productivity is important. And how can one be productive? The base of productivity lies in the levels of motivation one has for a particular task or goal realization. It is not easy to get inspired or stay motivated.

A neurotransmitter known as Dopamine is in fact behind the productivity in our brain. Produced naturally by our brain, Dopamine makes us more productive by motivating us. However, due to numerous reasons the production of Dopamine may get decreased in our brain and though the Dopamine levels can be increased by medications, here are some safe and natural ways to increase Dopamine levels in the brain.

Learn and develop hobbies

When we find out new information, knowledge and learn a new skill that we like our brain will naturally increase more Dopamine as a result of which we feel happy. Usually we say that hobbies are stress busters and the reason behind this is the production of Dopamine that imparts a feeling of good and better.

  • Discover new skills and hobbies that you like
  • Spend some time working on your hobby whenever possible
  • Be open to receive and discover new things and knowledge

Organize and plan better

 Are you familiar with the feeling of finishing a difficult task? Whenever we organize and finish our tasks or realize our goals, we feel great, in fact on top of the world. Yes, it is because of the Dopamine release in our brain.

  • Take all the tasks one at a time
  • Organize or prioritize the tasks to finish successfully
  • Set realistic goals that can be finished

Sweat it out

Physical exercise not only keeps you fit physically but it can also influence the mental health. Many studies have found that physical exercise help the release of endorphin in the body that makes one happy.

  • Regular physical exercise is known to release mood enhancing chemicals like endorphins and serotonin in the body resulting in increased levels of Dopamine
  • To increase Dopamine levels in the brain it is not necessary to do dangerous, strenuous exercises even simple or moderate physical exercise routine can increase Dopamine levels.

Be positive and have a positive outlook

Be positive –it’s easier said than done but having a positive outlook and positive thoughts can impact our wellness in a great way.

  • Remind yourself of all the good things that you have-be grateful
  • Appreciate your work and be less critical of yourself
  • Mark each success that you earned to feel good
  • If working on any project, chart your progress and boost your productivity by increasing Dopamine

Get creative

Creativity can solve any problem on this planet. And getting creative is a great feeling-thanks to the increased levels of Dopamine. Yes, when you create and craft something you feel good and there, your brain will be loaded with Dopamine.

  • Crafting is a great way to feel good
  • Listening to music can have a soothing effect on your nerves and relieve you of stress and tension.
  • Do not hesitate to try constructive tasks like repair/sketching/cleaning. Such tasks will be fulfilling because of Dopamine in the brain.

Watch what you eat

As many researchers suggest, what we eat counts a lot in how we feel. There are certain foods that help in the increased production of Dopamine:

  • Food rich in Tyrosine are essential to produce more Dopamine. In fact Tyrosine forms the fundamental element in the composition of Dopamine.
  • Avocados, Dark chocolates, Milk, Bananas, nuts like Almonds, Caffeine, eggs and green tea are rich in Tyrosine.
  • Food that are high in Lipopolysaccharides can inversely affect the production of Tyrosine
  • Increasing the consumption of Probiotic components are great for Dopamine
  • Avoiding junk or processed food will certainly help

Sleep well

Having a good night’s sleep should be everybody’s priority as sleeping well will leave one refreshed and energized.

  • Sleep repairs and restores our body cells
  • Quality sleep induces a feeling of wellness because sleep helps trigger the production of Dopamine.
  • Meditating or trying to focus on your breathing can also increase the Dopamine production in the brain.