By consuming foods that are very high in calories daily we urge our body to gain more weight. If we can deal with this problem named calorie we can come to the point where we are losing weight.


For those who wish to start with some kind of diet, STOP, stop thinking about that and read this everyday habits for losing weight. The diet can make you thinking about food more than you thought and you can come to the point where your mental health is disordered.

important advice

Respect the 3 meals a day rule. If you really need it, you can have the fourth meal, but make sure is low in calories. A grown man should consume 2500 calories daily, and burn 2000 of them. While, grown woman should consume 2000 calories daily, and burn 1500 of them to get to the point of losing weight. It is very important to eat your meal very calmly and slowly and in the meantime, the food should be well chewed before you swallow it. Get away from the fast food…Unless you are at a fast eating hot-dog competition.

what should you eat?

One piece of corn bread, one egg and one grapefruit consist of 250 calories. This breakfast is enough to make you satisfied. Recommendation for lunch is 300gr yellow beans with 50gr chickens liver (together they have  around 140 calories). A dinner with around 200 calories which will satisfy your hunger, is tuna salad. 200gr tuna, 1 tomato, 1 pickle, green olives chopped together and covered in extra virgin olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Everything together is around 600 calories and with just a little physical activity you’ll come to the point of start losing weight. The meal is your choice no matter are you gonna eat home or in some restaurant.

bad habits need to be changed

Let’s be honest here, we all have the same habits of lying all day on the couch in front of the TV or sitting in front of your PC. By adding simple physical activity as an everyday habit can have a positive effect for burning calories. For staying healthy you should increase the activity by taking a walk with your dog, ride a bicycle around your neighborhood or turn up the music and make some aerobic exercises. Your body will be thankful.

You don’t need hard exercises for losing weight

Being fat is one of the many disorders our modern way of living brings us. Many of us have the same problem of not having enough free time because of our everyday jobs and chores. Losing calories can be done with few simple tricks. Change your office chair with the aerobic ball. Don’t park your vehicle in front of your office, park it little further so you’ll walk. Try to climb the stairs, so while losing few calories you additionally strengthen your leg muscles. For does who are limited with time, can turn the exercising into the mowing grass, cleaning the house or trimming the fence. If you have at least half an hour for exercise you won’t need weights. You can do push-ups, sit-ups and squats with warming up before a start. For the beginners at the gym, you don’t need to be ashamed just ask your trainer what exercises are good for you and remember: keep breathing correctly.


ignore the drinks that are full of added sugar, they are the top factor in gaining weight

In this category are the soft drinks, fruit juices, chocolate milk, energy drinks and many other drinks that have added sugar in them. Surveys show that by consuming drinks that have added sugar in them are not just making you fat but also they disorder the metabolism and activating some diseases. Consuming the sugar that the fruit naturally have is enough. By consuming the drinks that are full of added sugar is a disaster for the organism. Caffeine drinks like coffee or green tea are a good choice, they can boost the metabolism at least for a while.

drink more water

The water is non-calorie drink and drinking water leads to losing weight. The daily recommendation is according to the age and the activity we have. Many types of research proved that is the best if you drink water while you are hungry and a half hour before every meal. By drinking fresh and cold water you give your body extra energy to burn few calories. Include water in every diet and even if you won’t be on a diet you should still drink a lot of water. Drink water before, while and after every physical activity and help your body not to get dehydrated. Lose weight by consuming the water the right way- best half an hour before every meal. That way you’ll feel satisfied and you will eat less.

more sleep, less stress

Allow yourself more sleep by finishing your practice at least 4 hours before going to bed, don’t drink coffee after 2PM or alcohol 3 hours before going to bed. While practice the blood circulation is high and it can keep you awake. The coffee has caffeine so by drinking it by 2PM it has enough time to leave the body in time for going to bed, while the alcohol can bring disturbed sleep. Make sure you always go to bed at the exact time. With that rhythm, the body itself will tell you when is time for sleeping. If you have a problem with waking up, the best is going to bed early. It will contribute on getting enough sleep and wake up before the alarm. That way you won’t trouble the body with extra stress. Chronic stress can bring to increasing the level of the hormone Cortisol in the body. It can cause hunger and gaining extra weight.