Protein SupplementsMany years ago, protein shakes and supplements were only used by those in the bodybuilding industry: the rest of the world was oblivious to the fueled drinks used to help encourage and support muscle recovery and growth.

However, as the protein shake broke away from the confines of gyms, more and more manufacturers took on the challenge of differentiating their own product and marketing it to different audiences. Dressing the shakes up in brightly colored and logged bottles, or selling them in huge packs of powder appealed to people looking to either bulk up, get fit, or improve their health.

The ‘I Want to Tone Up’ User

While building bulky muscles may not be at the top of everyone’s list, many people strive to achieve a fit, toned body, capable of performing tricky, but not intense, work-outs. However, if you’re pouring effort in down the gym, you want to be certain that what you’re doing isn’t going to waste. Regardless of how much exercise you do, if your diet isn’t complementary, you won’t achieve the results you want.

In order to maximise your muscle toning, look for foods high in protein, or choose protein bars or small shakes to consume after you’ve finished at the gym. You don’t need to eat a huge amount, but a little extra will ensure that you’re doing all you can to support your body.

The ‘I Don’t Like Big Meals’ User

As an equestrian, building muscle is vital, as is ensuring that my muscles recover after a long day of pushing wheelbarrows, forking manure onto muck-heaps, and attempting to control a 600kg animal with a mind of its own. After struggling to eat as much protein as I needed through traditional methods, like meat and eggs, the shakes, snacks and recipe ideas as I found on this site, opened up a whole new world.

Since discovering protein shakes, I’ve stopped having to fret over eating large plates of meat, while safe in the knowledge that I’m still getting enough protein to ensure my body can grow and recover at the rates I’m pushing it to.

The ‘I’m Looking after My Health’ User

If you follow a diet that isn’t filled with the correct amounts of vitamins and nutrients, you may find yourself more susceptible to illnesses, as well as being generally run down and tired. Your skin and hair may start to suffer, and if you continue eating badly for a long period, serious damage could be done to your health and body.

In order to achieve a well-rounded diet, certain supplements and additional extras may be required, such as protein shakes or bars. Instead of consuming volumes intended for people working out or bodybuilding, it’s simple enough to take in smaller amounts, that are suited to people looking to keep their protein levels topped up.

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder or a gym lover to benefit from protein shakes: they are cheap, easy to buy and make, and are a lighter alternative to eating large meals filled with meat. With plenty of different flavours, and the freedom to have as much or as little as you need, what you put into your body has never been easier to manage.

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