Salmon-Broccoli Loaf with Dill and Capers
Recipe Type: Entree
Author: Healthy Recipes
Prep time: 40 mins
Cook time: 1 hour 40 mins
Total time: 2 hours 20 mins
Serves: 6
Note: very moist and velvety, let it stand at room temp 30 minutes before slicing. Recipe needs no salt…
  • 1 c loosely packed parsley sprigs, washed & patted dry on paper towels
  • 6 slices firm-textured bread
  • 2 c 1/2 inch cubes of broccoli stems (the amt you’ll get from one large
  • bunch of broccoli. Amount can be variable.)
  • 1 medium yellow onion, cut into slim wedges
  • 1 3/4 pounds cooked or canned wild boned salmon (remove all dark skin)
  • 1/3 c drained capers (use the small capers)
  • 2/3 c light cream
  • 4 organic eggs
  • 2 TBS snipped fresh dill or 3/4 tsp dill weed
  • Finely grated rind of 1/2 lemon
  • 1/8 tsp freshly ground black pepper
  1. In food processor fitted with metal chopping blade, mince paresely fine, using 5-6 on-offs of the motor; empty into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Now crumb the bread 2 slices at a time, with two or three 5-or 6 churning of the motor; add to bowl.
  3. Dump all the broccoli stems into processor; mince very fine with about three 5-second bursts; add to bowl.
  4. Flake the salmon in three batches — 2 on-offs will be enough.
  5. Add to the mixing bowl along with all remaining ingredients.
  6. Mix v thoroughly, pack mixture firmly into a well-buttered 9x5x3 inch loaf pan and bake in a slow oven (300 degrees F.) for about 1 hour and 40 minutes, or until loaf begins to pull from sides of pan and is firm to the touch.
  7. Remove loaf from oven and let it stand upright in its pan on a wire rack for 30 minutes. Carefully loosen the loaf all around w a thin-bladed spatula, then invert gently onto a large serving platter.