Nutritionist Cynthia Sass, who is actually the “creator” of this beverage precisely named “Sassy” in her honor, says the magic water has a great effect on the digestive system and significantly reduces flatulence.



● 8 cups of water
● 1 teaspoon of grated ginger root
● 1 fresh medium-sized cucumber, peeled and chopped into circles of medium thickness
● 1 medium-sized lemon chopped  into circles of medium thickness
● 12 fresh mint leaves or 1 teaspoon of dried mint

Preparation and consumption:

All ingredients are mixed with the water in a glass container and then left to stay overnight, preferably in the refrigerator. The drink should be consumed throughout the next day.

Nutritionists claim that regular consumption of this beverage can improve your body activity , burn body fat and help you finally get a flat and sexy stomach .

Those who regularly consumed this drink say that the results are more than fantastic if you consider that you can lose up to 12 pounds , of course with proper diet .

This “Sassy” water is not recommended for pregnant women and women during breastfeeding , people who have stomach problems or are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above!