HaloodieAs our local population has grown, often thanks to immigrants arriving from all over the world, many of our cities, such as London, have become multicultural centers, seemingly effortlessly integrating habits, languages, cultures and traditions from across the globe. Perhaps that is what makes London one of the true international cities. Just like many ethnic and religious groups, its Muslim population has swelled in the last few decades. Because most Muslims are extremely observant of their religious practices, they will only eat Halal meat, which is any meat (except for pork, which is absolutely forbidden) that has been butchered and processed according to Muslim law, known as Sharia. With more observant Muslims in the UK increasing their demand for Halal meat, the stage is now set for this unique product to take the spotlight.

What Exactly Is a Haloodie?

It is really only a made-up name, a combination of the word “foodie,” which describes one who is extremely interested in food, typically of the gourmet variety, and the word “Halal.” So, in a way, it describes a person who is extremely interested in quality Halal meats. Make no mistake: This is not a small or insignificant trend. Halal meats account for almost 15% of all meat sales in the UK today. As non-Muslims begin to fully understand how Halal meat is processed, this figure could definitely rise. The reason why non-Muslims might become quite attracted to Halal meat is due to factors that cut across cultures and creeds.

A Very Humane Process

With the growing interest in the ethical treatment of animals, many non-Muslims could very well become enamoured with the Sharia rules that govern how Halal meat is processed. For one, animals that are about to be butchered are treated as humanely as possible. This is unlike many non-Halal procedures, which some people find outright abusive. The fact that the Halal industry is valued at almost ?1.5 trillion worldwide attests to its popularity all over the world. Here in the UK, it could easily become the wave of the future.

Let’s Make a Festival Out of It

With the growing interest in Halal meats, perhaps it was only a matter of time before the first Halal-themed food festival was organised. Sure enough, this last September, the appropriately named Halal Food Festival opened at the ExCel Centre in London. The event was founded by a Pakistani doctor, Imran Kausar, who not only wanted to expose the benefits of Halal meats to the non-Muslim world, but also wanted to get restaurants that specialised in foods from other parts of the world, such as Japanese, Thai and others, to begin considering offering Halal meats on their menu. His logic was clear: Muslims want to be able to enjoy cuisines from all parts of the world while still being able to respect their Muslim laws.

Get Halal Meat Easily

Regardless of whether you are a practising Muslim or not, the attraction of Halal meats is irresistible. The good news is that you can buy Halal meat online, safe in the knowledge that you are getting meats that have been processed in strict accordance with Sharia law, and you can take advantage of a wide selection and fast delivery.

Image attributed to: Freedigitalphotos.net