Have you heard about tummy tuck? Do you know what abdominoplasty is? Do you want to get abdominoplasty info? Well, tummy tuck is another name for abdominoplasty and is a type of plastic surgery. It involves the removal of contouring fats and excess skin and making it look well maintained. It is basically a treatment which is generally undertaken by the people to improve the looks of their abdomen which is either bulging out or is having lose skin and looks fat. There are various types of treatments like “mini tucks” which just involve the removal of the small amount of excess skin present over there.

Not everyone is eligible for this treatment. People with their body weight almost equal to the weight of an ideal body and also who take balanced diet and have daily exercises in their routine are the ones who are most eligible for it.  People having lots of hanging skin and have recently underwent with weight losses are more likely to take this treatment. It is also preferred by those women who have stretch marks after their pregnancy. Abdominoplasty is performed after the application of the general anesthesia. It then involves an incision along the lower part of the abdomen.Well; tummy tuck is basically a surgical treatment. Hence, its quiet natural that it will result into some inevitable tummy tuck scars. However, scars resulted from the abdominoplasty depends upon the type of surgery incurred. This is because there are different incisions depending upon the type of surgical method used. You can also discover the variation in the scars visibility and their location. This is dependent upon the location of the surgery where it had occurred.

Scars are lengthy in the case of surgery involving circumferential tummy tuck. This method gives lengthy scars as extended incision is required in this method. Naturally, patients that go for mini tummy tuck surgery undergo with less visible and much smaller scars as compared to big tummy tuck. Scars don’t require too much attention and worries as they are capable if getting healed within a time frame of two years. Also, you don’t require staying too much at hospital. You need just four to seven days in hospital depending upon the condition. Minimal period is four days for which a doctor keeps you in his consideration so that no fluid, seroma is formed.

You need to be precautious after surgery. You need to avoid any such movement that will put stress upon your newly tightened skin. For this purpose, your bed will be maintained at an angle that you are lowering at your hips to avoid the stress.  Also, you are not allowed to carry a load more than 4 kg, after twenty four hours, you will be in a position to walk in bent over condition. You are require to take too much care of yourself and don’t get indulged in any sort of strenuous activity that may invite stress upon your belly. For this reason, you are not allowed to go for jogging and driving till 5 weeks.


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