As I am sure everyone knows by now, a little while back, Angelina Jolie made the shocking announcement to the world that she has had a  preventative double mastectomy, to avoid getting breast cancer. It seems she has genetically a very high chance of contracting this disease (around 87%) since tragically her mother, aunt, and her maternal grandmother all died of this type of cancer. It was no doubt a brave decision to make, but why go public with it? I’ll be charitable and assume she thought it might help other women going through similar issues (rather than cynically suspecting it may be publicity-seeking behavior!)

Was it really necessary for her to have both her breasts removed though?Naturally Ms. Jolie wants to avoid getting cancer, but it seems so drastic and needless, when I believe that she could have opted to change her diet instead. If she just went vegan, she would dramatically reduce her chance of getting this killer disease! All of the research I have found on the subject strongly suggests that a vegan diet is one of the best preventative actions in the cancer battle.

Apparently, animal proteins in milk, dairy and eggs are some of the fertilisers, as it were, that help cancer cells in the body to develop. This is particularly true regarding the link between dairy products and breast cancer. Vegans have significantly lower rates of cancers than omnivores, and there have been cases of people who have already contracted cancer, curing it by adopting a vegan diet, and taking herbal supplements. It has been scientifically proven that cancer cells can only survive in an acidic environment. Meat, dairy products, and eggs are all highly acid-forming.

In support of this theory, I suggest everyone watches the video below. It was made a by a 60-year-old American woman, who, like Angelina Jolie, has a family history of breast cancerr. Her mother, aunt and both her sisters all contracted the terrible disease. But rather than having mastectomies, she went vegan about 30 years ago, and has stayed cancer-free ever since.Coincidence? Does she just not carry the gene? If she does, then her current plant-based diet has made it far less likely that the gene will be activated (she looks about 20 years younger than her age as well, as you will see from the video).

Angelina’s surgery seems perverse to me, because she used to be a vegan at one time. Presumably this was for ethical reasons, as she is clearly motivated to a large degree by compassion. She has adopted three of her children from Third World countries, and she promotes humanitarian causes. The actress is famous for her work with refugees as a former Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. She eventually went back to an omnivorous diet, saying that veganism was making her ill. In fact it “nearly killed her”. Wasn’t that it her twenties, when she was taking lots of drugs and not eating properly anyway? Maybe it was those factors that nearly killed her! I am sure we have heard that from a few former vegans, haven’t we? I assume that they are not eating vegan in a healthy, truly plant-based way, if it is making them ill. Their diets are probably unbalanced, despite being vegan.


It’s even more perverse of Angelina not to change her diet, since her husband-to-be (Brad Pitt) is a vegan. There’s no opposition on the home front, quite the reverse! Apparently he wants to raise their children as vegans, and she objects to that,which is something they argue about. It would be great if Brad could convert Angelina back to the plantarian diet at some point, not just for her health, but for ethical reasons too. She has done a lot of good work in the world, so she clearly has a strong desire for social justice. So the next logical step would be to go vegan (since it helpspeople, as well as animals).