Just after detox diet, what to foods to eat is a matter of serious concern. However, as you know that detox diet is also called as “the cleansing diet” and when someone has done with this diet, the body may not be ready to adopt the sudden dietary changes. The stomach can get disturbed and absorption of nutrients can also be detracted.

So right after detox diet, one should plan his diet careful after consultation with a dietician. Let me guide you what you can eat after a detox diet.

Drink Luke warm water

Luke warm water is very helpful for health when one has done with the detox diet. One or two glasses of water in early morning maintain the weight and maintain the effects of the detox diet.

Apibal Bee pollen

Soon after the detox, too much and too heavy is very dangerous for health. One should come towards the healthy diet in a long period depending upon the body weight and success of the detox. However Apibal Bee pollen pops are strongly recommended for the month after quitting the detox. It is very helpful in maintaining the integrity of cells and in maintaining the normal and optimal health. The protein content of the Apibal will provide all essential amino acids to the body and will normalize the digestive system.

Fresh citrus fruit juice

It is also recommended soon after the detox because after a detox period one has had a lemon taste and body has adjusted itself for same flavor, so after detox the fresh juice of the citrus fruits is helpful along with the above mentioned diet. The stomach will come towards the routine of regular diet gradually. Fresh citrus fruit juice for two weeks after done with detox diet are good for the stomach that has been already cleaned. Freshly squeezed fruit juices are very important for body after detox.

Steamed vegetables

Fresh steamed vegetables are also good for people who have done with their lemon detox diet. Lightly cooked vegetables will provide support to the stomach along with the two above mentioned food items. The mineral and vitamin content of vegetable will keep the metabolism healthy and well-functioning. All body cells and tissues will receive regular diet right after cleansing. Vegetable for one or two weeks after quitting the detox are helpful for health and digestive system.


This is another alternative that is also a rich source of protein. One can take chicken soup soon after detox in order to maintain the health status. soup can be the best start after when has done with lemon detox diet because the watery content of the soup will be according to the previous diet pattern and the chicken content will provide the body with essential amino acids and will provide food to the cells and tissues and will maintain the integrity of the body cells and consequently the health status.

Green tea

This is also an important drink for people who just have done with their detox diet because it will provide the body important flavonoids and antioxidants. The stomach will feel relaxed and cleansed after having a cup of green tea. Green tea is very helpful in maintaining the functions of the stomach. Green tea is good to sustain the normal health and weight of the body.