If you haven’t heard about this ancient remedy yet, it’s high time you found out about its health and beauty benefits.
Rice water can provide you with more energy, make your hair shinier and your skin healthier, among many other things that this ancient Chinese remedy offers.
Your body can become healthier and your skin more beautiful just by using these two ingredients – water and rice.



Perhaps you’ve heard that the water with which you wash rice is rice water, but that’s not true. You can use that water as well, but you won’t get the same results, because rice water is the water in which you’ve boiled rice.
It is recommended that you pour a larger amount of water than the one you usually pour when you prepare rice for lunch. The water in which rice has released some of its useful properties is the one you need.
You can drink it while it is still warm, or leave it to cool down and then wash your face or hair with it.
Health Benefits:

  • Excellent cancer prevention;
  • Regulates body temperature;
  • Provides energy;
  • Successfully prevents gastroenteritis;
  • Prevents and cures constipation.

Beauty Benefits:

  • If you wash your face with rice water, your skin will become softer;
  • Great replacement for face tonic;
  • It helps with clogged pores;
  • If you wash your hair with rice water it will become shinier and healthier.



Source: http://www.healthandhealthyliving.com/